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Six Great Reasons To Use a Buyer's Agent

Hiring a great buyer's agent to represent you during your quest for a new home is the smartest thing you can do. Here's a few things you should expect from your agent:
#1: A great price!

It costs you nothing since the seller pays the buyer's agent commission.

#2: They know the territory

Although you may have lived in your neighborhood all of your life, a great agent is on the ground every day and knows the territory like the back of their hand.

#3: They get to understand you and your needs

A great agent will minimize the time you waste looking at unappealing properties with an in depth interview process. During the interview, they should find out what level of involvement you would like to have in the selection of properties. For example, they will ask you if they you would prefer to have them independently locate and preview properties or they let you participate in the screening process.

#4: Collaboration and trust

When working on your offer, they will give you the best data available, offer advice and let you determine the price. They will never use words like "bottom feeder," "low ball," or any other derogatory terms to describe your offer when it is presented to the listing agent. They shouldn't pressure you into their idea of a good price, and instead build a relationship of trust. This makes them more effective in negotiating on your behalf and increases the probability of a successful offer and closing.

#5: Candid but tactful negotiation

During a negotiation they should never criticize the seller or the seller's property in front of the other agent or owners. A great agent knows they are dealing a host of issues during the negotiation of a purchase. Although they will be candid with you, they know they are dealing with someone's home and sellers often have deep emotional (if not always rational) attachments to it. Understanding this attachment can lead to a much more favorable relationship and a greater chance of success.

#6: They're on your side

Last and most important, their only job is to represent you. They don't represent the seller, the listing agent or the mortgage company. They are there as your representative and your advocate, and in this capacity a great agent is indispensable.
323 1st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 :: Office: 206.282.4848 :: Fax: 206.984.4424
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