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Client Testimonials

We work very hard on behalf of all our clients, and always do our best to assure the best possible outcome for them. Nothing makes us more satisfied than receiving positive feedback. Please take a moment to tell us what you thought about our work!

What Clients are Saying about Lynn...

Hi Lynn,

I just want to send you a note of thanks, you were amazing today.  With everything that Mr. O and the attorney and Mac tried to say against me, you instantly shut them down.  Honestly I was in awe, you're a bad b&%*h and I mean that as a huge compliment.    

I want you to know that what you did for me today and the work you do as an attorney is a mitzvah to others.  You fight hard for those who can't fight for themselves.  It means the world to me that you were on my side today. 

 - Robyn, Seattle, WA  (mediation client) 

"Lynn, when you were recommended to me, it was the best thing that could have happened to me when my whole world was crumbling.  You are one sharp lady and I fully understand what you did for me. I do not believe it would have happened without you... Thank you again for the excellent service you provided me when I need it the most.

- Patricia J.,  Lake Stevens, WA

"Hi Lynn and Michelle,

I wanted to say once again how much I appreciate the help you gave me this past year.  Thank you!   You are both very good at what you do, and you have given me a second chance."

- Scott M., Seattle, WA 
“Hi Lynn, First, I want to say thank you to you and your office for all of their hard work on this absolute *@#!% of a short sale. I really appreciate everything.” 

- Dan R., Spokane, WA

"Thanks so much for the efforts of you and your team - it was a pleasure to work with you." 

- Brad C., Seattle, WA 

I cannot thank you and your crack team enough.  I am dealing with a lot in this cross-country transition and I was not always the most responsive client, I know.  And I probably seemed downright recalcitrant at times.  But what you and your team have done for me is immeasurable in terms of stress reduction and peace of mind.

Thank you a million times. My best to Melanna and George."


- Suzanne B., Washington, DC


"Lynn, I just wanted to say thanks for getting us out of that mess. I was impressed with how you handled everything and really appreciated all your advice."

 - Hope B., Seattle, WA


"Lynn is professional, helpful, very intelligent, and wonderfully human. I'd recommend her very, very highly."

- Don C., Tacoma, WA


"Thanks again for all your good efforts last month to get the sale of our mother's home completed with such apparent ease. I know it was not a simple thing but you made it look easy."

- Brendan K., Novato, CA


"Lynn saw us through a particularly difficult and challenging short sale. She guided us through several obstacles and unforeseen issues with humor and expertise. Because of her, all parties involved were able to reach a positive outcome. Despite being an avid Yankees fan, I would not hesitate to work with her in the future."
- David B., Seattle, WA 

"Lynn did an outstanding job on our house sale. Initially, our short sale was handled by a realtor who "specialized" in such transactions. After she negotiated with the mortgage company, we were presented with closing documents that provided for an additional fee to be paid to the realty firm for processing the transaction and that included language permitting the mortgage company to pursue the remaining balance of the loan from us in the future. Before we signed the documents, we consulted an attorney, who felt our situation was beyond his expertise. He referred us to Lynn, and aren't we glad he did. Lynn met with us, reviewed the documents and advised against signing them because it was improper for an additional fee to be paid and because she didn't believe that we should settle for being responsible for the loan deficiency. We subsequently signed a listing agreement, a purchase/sale contract was signed shortly thereafter, and she negotiated language with the mortgage company that relieved us of any responsibility for the loan deficiency. Without Lynn's realty and legal expertise, and her superb negotiating skills, we would have been legally and financially vulnerable." 

- Susan & Steve S., Sammamish, WA
323 1st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 :: Office: 206.282.4848 :: Fax: 206.984.4424
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